Lizard Conspiracy
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This is true! A lodger brought a friend to our first band practice, who had a different 'perspective' on life. Amongst many strange beliefs, he believed that the world is run by 12ft lizards who have assumed human form! George Bush & Tony Blair are lizards (obviously) and so is the queen (Lizzy you see!)

Apparently Diana said the queen was cold blooded which confirms that dear Lizzy must be reptilian.

We later discovered that it was all down to a theory by David Icke - an ex footy player & commentator whos current occupation appears to be that of mentalist.

Lucrative business though, seems to have made a mint with this theory (mostly from 'customers' over the pond strangely enough!).

Theres probably also good money to be earnt from sticking 2 pencils up your nose, wearing your pants on your head & saying 'wibble' a lot.