Lizard Conspiracy
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Drum tab links

Drum tracks (mp3)
Sun Hits the Sky
Basket Case
Hate to Say
Gonna Go My Way
One Way
Mysterious Ways
Take a Look Around

DR-670 Sysex
Set 1
Set 2
The 5th Band Member!

Ok so we use a drum machine as opposed to a real drummer, but don't let that fool you. Playing to a drum machine is harder - you have to remember exactly where you are in a song, and timing has to be inch perfect, otherwise it all goes a bit pear-shaped (and this has happened live!). A real drummer can compensate and adjust.

The drum tracks are meticulously programmed however, and as authentic to the original songs as possible including drum breaks n fills. This really adds to the lizard sound and though pre-programmed, its still all down to band member sweat to make this happen.

For some tracks we were able to obtain drum tabs (see links on left) as a starting point, all others were programmed by ear.

On this page you'll also find mp3 versions of the drum tracks - this is for band member download and casual interest, though of course anyone could download these and use them for their own purposes.

We would request that bands don't use the entire set round the same circuit as obviously choice of song is an essential for cover band individuality!

The drum machine is just convenient for us logistically, we wouldn't ever recommend replacing a drummer with a drum machine - you can't really beat the real thing.
5th Band Member

One of the problems with this particular model is that although I only bought it in 2003, unbelievably it has the pattern/song memory capacity of a ZX Spectrum!!!! This means we have to load up a new set of songs 1/2 way through the gig